Handling delivery problems

Published: 10th February 2011
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When a company is involved in the sales of online goods, delivery plays a huge part in making the business work. Using fulfilment services is one way to make this area run more efficiently, as the entire process is taken out of your hands. Despatch and delivery is an entire industry of its own, so there is no shame in using external fulfilment services.

With every business procedure there should always be a backup plan for things not going as planned and that is where using a professional service can really help. At ILG we are realistic in our approach to deliveries and know that there are instances when things do not run without a hitch and understand the importance of being prepared for such events.

One of the most common occurrences with deliveries is the customer either not being in or claiming not to have received the order. A good order fulfilment service will have measures in place to cope with these instances so that complaints and misunderstandings are kept to a minimum. The issue of nobody being home when a delivery arrives is possibly one of the most common problems. This can easily be rectified with a simple card through the door to inform the customer that your company attempted to deliver some goods. This is a tried and tested method used by many delivery and service companies and is generally very reliable.

The problems become slightly more difficult when a customer claims they have never received an order yet the company is showing the product as being delivered. This is where order tracking is a life saver. Most companies now use online tracking along with a web link for consumers to use so that the whereabouts of an order can be seen at all times. This combined with proof of delivery signatures usually clears up any discrepancies in terms of missing items.

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